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Live Music

Author: Desmond's Tavern

October 14

9pm Sonic Blue Sound Revue

10pm TBA

11pm Last Charge of the Light Horse

October 15

9pm Kara Ayn Napolitano

10pm Gabriel Mayers

11pm Revel 9

October 16

9pm Johnny Pacia & The D Train Riders (

10pm The Hellfish (

11pm Bully the Kid (

October 21

9pm Covered In Black (all eras Black Sabbath tribute band)

10pm & 11pm Mister Nameless Resturns

October 22

9pm Amanda Richards

10pm The Spencer Teeter Band

11pm Kosmic Daydream

October 23

10pm Goodman Brown (

11pm Say You Swear (

October 28

9pm Po’Boy Reinhart

10pm Ukelele Ed

11pm Lloyd United

October 29

9pm Ad Astra

10pm and 11pm The Community


November 4

9pm Lawless

10pm Immortal Memory - Mike Ogletree

11pm Vic Ruggiero

November 5

9pm Sandy McKnight (with his All-Star Band)

10pm Late Model Humans

11pm If But When

November 11

9pm The Sir Beatle Sing Along Show

10pm Cyan Tinted Soul

11pm Joe Jacovino

November 12

9pm & 10pm Bandsaw

11pm The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy

November 18

9pm Lawless

10pm Monroe

11pm The Scheme

November 19

9pm, 10pm, & 11pm Black Angels NYC (whole night)

November 25

9pm Bat-or-kalo

10pm Our Dreams Are Premonitions (Scott Kalmey, Brett Wychoff)

11pm SnakeHeart

November 26

9pm Robin’s Egg Blue

10pm The Pinatas

11pm Exit Verona

December 2

9pm, 10pm, 11pm Hip Pocket